How It Works

Recycle your calculator with EOI Technologies to preserve the earth from harmful chemicals. EOI Technologies offers competitive quotes for a wide selection of calculators, a quick and simple buyback process, and immediate payment – here’s how it works!

Select your calculator’s brand and model from the drop-down box on our homepage to see our current price offer for your item. Specific prices vary depending on condition:

  • New Condition. Brand new, unused calculators. Must be sealed in original packaging.
  • Very Good Condition. Lightly-used calculators with no damage to appearance or functions. Screen must be clear and free of any marks, nicks, scratches and/or dead pixels.
  • Fair Condition. Well-functioning calculators that show signs of use. Scratches, marks and/or nicks may be present. Screen must be clear of dead pixels and blemishes. Calculators without slide cases are accepted.

Click here to see a list of all the calculators we currently accept!

If your calculator’s brand and model is listed, you’ll see our current price offers for your item depending on its condition. Check out the listed price. To accept our offer, click here to print your shipping label and fill out the Sender Details form.

If your calculator is not listed, please email us at and we will provide you with a custom quote. Please specify brand, model number, and condition.

Fill out form with the necessary details for your shipping label (email, phone number, address). Please specify your current contact information so we can get in touch with you easily.

Specify your preferred payment method. To receive payment via PayPal, please specify the email address listed on your PayPal account. To receive a check in the mail, please type your name exactly as you would like it to appear on the check and specify a valid mailing address where we may send your payment.

Select how many used and/or new calculators you will be sending. If you would like to send more than ten calculators, please email us at for a custom shipping label.

Click the green “print” box at the bottom of the page to print your label once you have completed the Sender Details form. You will be automatically directed to your final, ready-to-print shipping label.

Print two copies of your shipping label. Attach once copy to the package. Place the other copy inside the package with your materials. You may ship your calculators in a lightweight box or envelope. Please wrap calculators with protective material inside the package to avoid any potential damage during shipping.

Important Information Regarding Your Shipment

  • Do not include batteries
  • Send calculators in a lightweight envelope or box
  • Wrap your items in protective wrap inside the package
  • Include a second copy of your shipping label in package (to be used as a packing slip)
  • Specify your preferred payment option (PayPal or Check via Mail)

You will receive a notification via email once your shipping label has been created. Please feel free to contact us for any reason at! We’ll be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns regarding your shipment.

Your payment will be sent the same day we receive and approve your items. If you would like to receive your payment via PayPal, please provide us with the same email address linked to your PayPal account. If you would like to receive a check, please provide your current address so we can send your payment in the mail.

Note: All calculators must be fully functional. We do not issue payment for non-functioning items. If we receive a calculator that is not fully functional, we will send it back to you for just a small shipping cost. If there is additional damage to your calculator that places it below Fair Condition, we will contact you with a custom offer.



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